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HMG now CTTMA Charter Oak Sponsor

HMG now CTTMA Charter Oak Sponsor

You may have noticed a new Charter Oak Sponsor and logo on the Connecticut TMA emails. While we are a new sponsor of the Connecticut TMA, we are far from new to the industry or Connecticut.  Hollis Meddings Group is celebrating its 31st year working closely with privately held companies ranging in revenues from $10 million to $500 million both domestically and abroad.  We have demonstrated positive results over the last three decades, assisting companies having difficulties to realize their operational and financial objectives. Our approach to working through these issues and uncertain times is cooperative and flexible as we know each situation and client is unique.  We work up front to lay out the proper scope of the engagement, while always refining the scope as the situation evolves.   We do not work on theoretical methods - our team members have been business owners, CEO’s, CFO’s COO’s, bankers and CPA’s.  We bring real-world experience from both sides of the table to our clients.

Our team members have real world experience in identifying problems, formulating corrective strategies, and implementing those strategies.  And now, Hollis Meddings Group has enhanced its team by adding Mark Barra, a lifelong Connecticut resident and 30-year veteran in the Crisis/Turnaround management arena, both domestically and overseas, to lead the Connecticut team. 

Our services include Strategic Consulting, Corporate Rejuvenation, Interim Support/Management, Insolvency Services and initial reviews of troubled situations we call Business Risk Reviews, an affordable product for banks and financial institutions looking to understand what issues may lie ahead for troubled borrowers.

We look forward to meeting those of you that we have not previously met, as well as seeing old friends again.  Bringing over 30 years of successful experience, Hollis Meddings Group stands ready to assist you or your clients in any way we can.

Please contact Joe at (401) 421-3330 or email at jmeddings@hollismeddings.com, or Mark at (203)434-1042 or email at mbarra@hollismeddings.com for more information – You’ll get the same great response and attention from either of us.

Thank for your time and consideration,

Joseph D. Meddings