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Our Service Offerings

Strategic Consulting

HMG believes that the best way to prevent a crisis is to properly plan for it; therefore early intervention is often the key to quick and successful correction. If you have been noticing a slide in margin, up tick in expenses, operational issues or just not generating what you think your company should be generating – we may be just what the doctor ordered. Our team has the ability to focus on working capital, supply chain, and operational management – and work side by side with your existing team to make them more efficient as well.

Our team members have extensive experience in finance, manufacturing and distribution, and can bring that experience to your group on a focused and temporary basis, leaving you with tools that you will continue to use long after we are gone.

strategic consulting

Corporate Rejuvenation

For over thirty years, our approach and success has earned far-reaching respect for our abilities to work with troubled or under-performing companies. In these most urgent situations, it is important to work quickly with management to stabilize finances and improve operations to preserve value. We take into consideration both short and long-term views, and our efforts are to aggressively protect ownership interest within the law, and to improve results for the benefit of all stakeholders. While all companies and situations are unique, most of our projects contain one or more of the following services:

Creating and delivering detailed cash flow projections and analysis. The industry standard is 13 weeks, but we work with management to determine the appropriate projection period.
Negotiating with secured debt holders. We work with both management and the company’s counsel to develop an acceptable forbearance agreement to all stakeholders.
Negotiating new debt. In certain instances, the incumbent lender may be adequately fatigued and refinancing is necessary. Our extensive network allows us to bring the right lender in for you and your situation.
Creating detailed, dynamic and comprehensive business models in conjunction with existing management, including contingency planning, stress testing, option analysis and ultimately the implementation of the agreed plan.
Negotiating with unsecured debt holders. Cash may be tight at the beginning of the process. We work with management on cash allocation and negotiation of payment plans acceptable to all parties.
Planning a Strategic Exit. In some instances, ownership is unable to participate in the turnaround process.  We work with both ownership and the management team to find the right home for the company and its team.

Interim Support/Management

During transitional times, businesses require hands-on experienced leadership. By nature, this support is on an interim basis to assist the company through whatever challenge lies ahead. Whether the need is driven through a special circumstance or while you search for a replacement candidate, we help companies through a smooth transitional process, transfer knowledge to existing or new employees, and help build a foundation for continued success. Some of our projects have included some of these interim roles:

Interim Services
C-Suite roles including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer or Chief Financial Officer.
Project management and/or consultants related to the due diligence on a strategic acquisition by your company.
Senior level positions including Controller, Accounting Manager, Operations Manager, Manufacturing Manager.
Chief Restructuring Officer – When companies are driving towards a major restructuring, a dedicated resource to handle specific restructuring related items to free existing management to operate company.

Insolvency Services

Hollis Meddings Group can provide end-to-end case management in the event of insolvency. In some instances, ownership may want to have continued involvement, more control and less expense than a Bankruptcy or Receivership. HMG has extensive experience in this area, and was 1 of 33 handpicked Receivers across the country that contracted with the SBA.

We routinely run a similar but less expensive procedure called an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (“ABC"). An ABC runs by the same rules and preferences that are found in a Bankruptcy case, but for exceptionally less money. This process is especially effective in situations where there may be substantial returns to unsecured creditors. In this process, we perform the following tasks:

insolvency services
Assignment for Benefit of Creditors notification letter, including a claim form with instructions.
Claim proof and resolution analysis, including separation of preference claims
Proper liquidation of collected assets to maximize value.
Compete record keeping, fiduciary services and communication protocols.
Collection of potential submitted claims
Identification and collection of corporate assets for liquidation
Distribution of assets to approved claims in approved preferences
Final distribution, final dissolution of corporate entity